Technical Services

The Technical Division at Open Loop Energy consists of Field Technicians, Engineers, Designers, CAD Operators, Machinists, Welders, and Mechanics. When a customer comes to us with a problem, Field Technicians assess the problem, consult with Engineering, machining, welding, and design to solve the issue with minimal down time for you, the customer. Most of the time Technical Services can find a way to rebuild or even enhance the product in question. Our commitment is to improving product life and customer service.

Open Loop Energy is a strong supporter of the training and certifications by the International Fluid Power Society. See for details about the organizations training and certification programs. Customers can be assured they receive the high degree of fluid power knowledge in the industry from designated OLE employees. In addition an OLE employee serves on the board of directors for the IFPS.

Brandon Jennings ReedHS, MHMArizona
Brent KoutsMHMArizona
Chad C. RolfeAI, AJPP, AJPPCC, CC, HS,MHM,PS, S, SDArizona
Garrett C. HoisingtonAI, AJPP, AJPPCC, HS, MHM,PS, SArizona
Keith V. PayneCC, MHMArizona
Lloyd W. PeckCC, MHMArizona
Richard L. HendersonMMHArizona
Steven D. HolmesMMHArizona
Tate HoisingtonHS, MMHArizona
Bryan E. YorkCCNevada
Edgar P. CereceresCCNevada
Jonathon Paul CrewsCCNevada
Raymond Thomas McFarlenCCNevada
Rocky D. PhoenixCC, MHM, MHT, MMHNevada
Barton D. HoisingtonHS, MHMUtah

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Open Loop Energy is proud to be an Authorized Repair and Warranty Center for Parker-Denison Hydraulic Division for Pumps, Motors, and Valves. To meet the requirements for this certification OLE must maintain certified technicians. The company currently has the following Parker-Denison Hydraulic Pump Division certified technicians:

Garrett HoisingtonFactory CertifiedArizona
Bart HoisingtonFactory CertifiedUtah
Chad RolfeFactory CertifiedArizona
Charles PruittFactory CertifiedArizona
Rocky PhoenixFactory CertifiedNevada
Brandon ReedFactory CertifiedArizona
Bryan YorkFactory CertifiedNevada
Tate HoisingtonFactory CertifiedArizona
James AdameFactory CertifiedArizona
Ray McFarlenFactory CertifiedNevada

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Fourteen Trained Professionals

Open Loop Energy also has personnel trained in the Six Sigma Process for quality control and continuous improvement. Fourteen individuals have been trained and certified in the Six Sigma Methodology.

Chase FiteSix Sigma Black Belt Professional
Garrett HoisingtonSix Sigma Black Belt Professional
Erin D. MotesSix Sigma Black Belt Professional
Tate HoisingtonSix Sigma Black Belt Professional
Bart HoisingtonSix Sigma Black Belt Professional
Brandon ReedSix Sigma Black Belt Professional
Chad RolfeSix Sigma Black Belt Professional
Doug HolmesSix Sigma Black Belt Professional
Keith PayneSix Sigma Black Belt Professional
Jonathon CrewsSix Sigma Black Belt Professional
Ray McFarlenSix Sigma Black Belt Professional
Anissa JohnsonSix Sigma Black Belt Professional

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Other Innovations for Equipment

Caterpillar 16G and 16H Park Brake Modification
Track Inching Drive for Dozers
Water Truck Cargo Pump Soft Start and Stop
Hydraulic Snubber Rebuilds
Filtration Systems for Fuel and Oil
Core Splitter

Fluid Filtration Specialists

The Technical Division at Open Loop Energy has implemented many filtration solutions for users of diesel fuels and lubricants to ensure that the equipment using the fluids for production is kept running reliably.

As cleaner diesel technology advances, the manufactures of fuel system components are requiring much cleaner fuel to operate with. So with this new technology, Open Loop Energy has been helping customers address the problems with receiving ,storing, and delivering clean fuel to the more sensitive equipment by using Donaldson Clean Fuel & Lubricant products. This product is customizable to meet the needs of all users and is designed specifically to provide a single pass filtration system to meet OEM requirements.

Open Loop Energy has also implemented easy-to-service filtration systems for maintenance shops and process lubrication equipment. This equipment provides filtration for large mills, crushers, and gear boxes found in the mining industry. Maintenance shops outfitted with the latest filtration technology can now deliver clean lubricants to all the equipment for superior reliability.

Mobile Fluid Purification Service

Open Loop Energy provides on site fluid filtration. Fully equipped trucks go on site to “Kidney Loop” hydraulic systems on large mining equipment. High volume pumps and quick disconnects can clean the equipment’s oil in a minimal amount of time without the machine running. On board particle counters monitor the fluid cleaning process and provide results in ISO Standards for customer review.

Filtration Carts

Our company designs and fabricates custom oil filtration carts for use in maintenance shops. These portable filtration carts “kidney loop” the oils to meet manufactures ISO requirements. Carts can be rolled, forklifted, or crane lifted for versatility. On board heaters are installed to facilitate the filtration process.

drill rebuild services

Drill Rebuild Services

With the experience of over 30 years working with Hydraulics associated with Drills and the expertise in both manufacturing and repair of components Open Loop has “Partnered up” with IMM to enable our customers the “Best of the West” in field services. Our services include the following:

  • Parker Authorized Hydraulic Pump Division North American Distributor.
  • Authorized Warranty Repair Center {Only Six in the USA} Open Loop Energy, Inc. has two facilities.
  • Automated Test Stand with recorded test results.
  • ISO Certified Repair Shop.
  • Drill Components Available as New / Alternative to New [AN] / or Exchange Repair.
  • Filtration Options.
  • Delivery Services to Sites Available.
  • Commissioning Services.
  • Complete Field Services. PCR / Drill Repairs / Hose and fittings.

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