Job Description

Open Loop Energy is a leading company in the Hydraulic repair and heavy equipment parts service industry, specializing in the production and distribution of industry leading solutions and repairs. As we continue to expand our operations, we are seeking a motivated Quality Control Technician to join our team. This role would be supporting our engineering and drafting department along with our production and operations groups.

Responsibilities of this Role

· Perform quality and accuracy testing on how the product compares to samples or specifications

· Calibrating measuring equipment and measuring testing variables to ensure accuracy

· Writing detailed reports on the results of testing and other observations about the products

· Filling out required paperwork and documenting Non-Conformance tracking software

· Observing the methods and equipment manufacturing employees use during production and provide advice to prevent or correct errors and increase efficiency

· Communicating with appropriate departments to bring awareness of the issues

· Communicating with the Quality Assurance (QA) department about how to prevent similar defects

· Communicating with suppliers and distributors to let them know about potential problems

· Sharing technical knowledge about the product with relevant staff

· Complying with standards of safety, company policy, and legal regulations that apply

· Assessing whether the finished product reflects goals set out by protocol or customer

· Using equipment like calipers, vernier, micrometers, Faro Arms and other measurement devices

· Reading engineering schematics, drawings, or supplemental documentation

· Keeping digital files and reports on product quality organized and accessible on our internal server systems and Ion Simpletrak data management software.

Full time position working in an office and industrial shop environment Monday through Friday day shift. We offer great benefits including health, dental, and vision insurance all starting at 30 days and a company matched 401K starting at 90 days from your hire date. Open Loop Energy is a well-established growing company with multiple locations throughout the western United States.

Skills and Qualifications

· Reporting Skills both written, digital and verbal

· Administrative Writing Skills including computer based operating systems

· Microsoft Office Skills and related programs used for tracking or reporting

· Managing Processes and developing process where applicable

· Organizational skills and ability to manage data effectively and accurately

· Analyzing Information and identifying concerns or non-conformance

· Professionalism when presenting to coworkers or customers where applicable

· Problem Solving and self-motivated

· Engineering or Drafting experience

Education and Experience Requirements

· High school diploma or equivalent education required.

· College education or certifications in applicable fields

· Prior Quality Control compliance or management experience including familiarity with associated acronyms and other aspects of Quality Control Management processes

· Knowledge of appropriate software including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, and various Email formats.

· Valid driver’s license

This employer does perform pre-employment drug testing.

You can apply any of the following ways: · Fill out the online application – Click here

· Email resume to Asisa Llamas