Severe HydroStrut

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The Severe Duty HydroStrut

Open Loop Energy, Inc. has developed a Superior Suspension, improving performance and durability in comparison to the OEM strut.

What is the Hydrostrut?

SMR has been manufacturing off highway mining truck struts for 35 years, such as Unit Rig, Terex, and Cat. SMR’s hydrostrut suspensions provide exceptional energy absorption on both compression and rebound, resulting in less frame cracking and longer life to steering mechanisms, wheels, bearings and spindles.

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  • 100,000+ hours of proven service in Canadian and U.S. mines
  • Protective accordion cover helps prevent rock damage and contaminants
  • Lower cost than rubber, elastomer, silicon, or neocon struts
  • High strength manganese bronze bushings
  • Rated to 65ºF to 200ºF 54ºC to 93ºC)
  • Lubricated to boost operating life
  • 10,000 hour or 2 year warranty
  • Reduced possibility of leakage
  • Nitrogen charging kit available
  • Reduced operating pressure
  • Simple, trouble free design
  • Improved seals, structure, and design

Haul Truck Strut Failures

  • Cracked Barrel
  • Ballooned Barrel
  • Cracked Bearings
smr hydrostrut

SMR New Ticker Barrels

.700” vs 1.625”
Wall Thickness Comparison
smr hydrostrut

SMR New Ticker Barrels

  • The same displacement and oil capacities as the standard strut. This allow users to use the exact same oil filling procedures and nitrogen
    charging as the OE suspension.
  • The Additional wall thickness also allows users to fine tune their operating preferences beyond the current standard suspension.


789, 793, 797

Product Literature

Multiplier Brochure

Specifications Sheet

Hydro Struts are all Severe Duty. SMR has been Manufacturing HydroStruts for 35 Years. HydroStruts will outperform the OEM struts Guaranteed!

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