Dozer Track Inching Drive

nitrogen charging station



  • NOTE: When performing maintenance on the Inching Drive Power Unit System, all federal, state, and company applicable standard safety and environmental practices should be followed.
  • Prior to work on the system insure there is no pressure in the system.
  • Hydraulic fluid may be hot, take precautions to avoid contact with skin.

The only manufacturer’s recommended regularly scheduled preventative maintenance procedure is to replace the filter element (P/N Donaldson P550426) during the unit’s normally scheduled PM. or as needed per Oil analysis.

The filter is located on top of the reservoir. Lock out the unit per company procedures prior to maintenance.

  1. Thread off the filter element housing.
  2. Discard the old filter element.
  3. Clean threads on filter spud and base.
  4. Lubricate the new filter element seal ring.
  5. Thread on the filter element.
  6. Remove lockouts per company procedures.

Always maintain sufficient hydraulic fluid in the reservoir. Check prior to every initial operation.

nitrogen charging station
nitrogen charging station
nitrogen charging station

Dozer Track Inching Drive Operation

The Inching drive unit was designed for moving a track safely while maintenance is being performed to the tracks, specifically the track bolts and grouser repair or replacement. It cannot “wrap” track assemblies for installation or removal.

Instructions (detailed illustrations follow)

  1. The dozer must be raised and put on stands. The tracks must be off the ground or shop floor.
  2. After the unit is placed on stands, the machine must be locked out and tagged out.
  3. Remove the axle cover and axle.
  4. Inspect inching drive unit. Make sure all bolts and drive shaft are tight and secure.
  5. Install the inching drive.
  6. Connect hoses to unit making sure couplings and fittings are clean plus properly connected.
  7. The torque arm must be secured to prevent rotation.
  8. CAUTION! Before starting the power unit, make sure all track area(s) are clear. A complete walk around is recommended to make sure no one is on or around tracks.
  9. Plug unit in and “Jog” to insure proper operation.
  10. Review emergency shutdown procedures for power unit.
  11. Observe all other operational or safety procedures required by Federal, Local, and Your Company.

The splines for this inching drive are currently the same for the D10N & D10R, therefore the same unit will work
on either machine. (52 Splines)

  • The D11N has 55 splines.
  • The D11R has 65 splines.
  • The D11 series comes with a splines adapter so it may be used on the N or R machines.


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