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Open Loop Energy, Inc. was founded in the spring of 1992 as an Arizona corporation. It began operations in Safford, Arizona, a central location to serve the Southwestern mining and construction industries. Our core business is centered on hydraulic component repair and reclamation.

In its modest beginnings, there were three original shareholders and two employees. The building of 11,500 square feet, contained a complete machine shop, hydraulic rebuild shop, weld shop and corporate offices.

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Since then, Open Loop Energy has grown in all areas of its business. The Safford, Arizona facility now has five shop buildings, including a chrome shop, with a total of 77,000 square feet and over 95 employees.

1998: An additional facility was opened in Winnemucca, Nevada. With a shop of 11,000 square feet, and 20+ employees.  Nevada serves our mining partners in Nevada and Idaho.

2013: A branch was opened in Lehi, UT and was later moved to Cedar Fort Utah. With its central location our Utah branch provides customer service for Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado.

2016: The acquisition of San Juan Spring Company (SJS Co) and Souther Manufacturing & Research (SMR Co) located in Farmington, NM.  SMR has been developing and manufacturing OEM and aftermarket parts and components for the heavy equipment/mining industry for over 65 years.

The company wide employment total now exceeds 150 people serving US, Canada, Australia, and South American customers.


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Consistent Growth

Open Loop continues to expand with investments in acquisitions as well as expansion of current facilities and personnel. At Open Loop Energy, Inc. expansion includes organizational, professional, and personal growth through education and certification.

In 2019 Open Loop Energy, Inc. became ISO9001:2015 Certified at all Locations.

We’re leading the pack.

Knowledge & Expertise
Over the years Open Loop Energy has earned a reputation for being innovative in its repairs while extending the life, safety, and usability of components. It has also worked with mining partners to develop leading edge solutions for maintenance, production, milling, and safety. Our commitment to continual improvement is self-evident with our employee’s certifications, training, and authorized repair center designations.
Our Vision

Provide quality and innovative repair services with superior products that contribute to our partners’ success by reducing their operating costs.


Guiding Motto

The motto “Never Forget!” from Chuck Hoisington – Founder, President and CEO Emeritus of Open Loop Energy, Inc.

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