Open Loop Energy provides services for processing plants that operate autoclaves, roasters, feeders, conveyors, crushers, mills, and flotation tanks. Many customers have used the company’s hydraulic sales and repairs for improvements and cost savings in their processing systems. As in all of our company’s service areas we partner with plant operations personnel to solve problems with collaborative ideas and designs. 


A mining partner asked Open Loop Energy to extend the chain life of their copper production line. The company improved the OEM design and more than doubled the customers chain life. Prior to this innovation individual chain links could not be repaired thus required entire sections of chain to be replaced. Now the customer can replace individual links with repairable pieces.

Chain link

Chain link


Custom Power Units

Pictured here is one of the custom designed and built power units by our company. Power units can be electrical driven or driven by a diesel or gas power. Customers specify what duty a power unit is required for and Open Loop Energy Fluid Power Specialist and CAD systems design the perfect configuration.


At the Safford shop location Open Loop Energy can rebuild stainless steel vertical turbine pumps. Due to proprietary repair processes and CNC machining capabilities, customers realize lower operating costs and longer pump life by rebuilding vs. replacing bowls with new parts.


Open Loop Energy has designed improved sealing properties to repair badly damaged tramp cylinders. Using the Company’s “Seal Specific” technology, damage to the rods such as shown in this photo can be completely avoided. Proprietary design changes have given customers superior life over OEM designs. In addition, customers accumulators associated with tramp cylinder systems can be rebuilt using Parker-Olaer quality bladders and rebuild kits. Units are charged and tested for quality and function before shipment back to customers.