Open Loop Energy is very diversified outside of our core business of hydraulics. We have extensive design, engineering and manufacturing skills and experience. Many customer projects from steel fabrication, in plant modifications, and specialty equipment are completed in the Safford Arizona location. Highly technical welding, steel forming, and computer controlled steel cutting are just a few of the capabilities offered. The Safford facility also has six industrial chrome plating tanks.

Our four International Fluid Power Certified Specialists can design, and trouble shoot simple and complex hydraulic systems on mobile and stationary equipment for our customers. With CAD design technicians on site to the machinist operating CNC mills and lathes Open Loop Energy can handle the toughest projects to improve safety, reliability, and lower costs for our customers.


The machine shop capabilities in Safford can meet many customer requirement for a one off special part, or mass production runs. With 6 Manual Lathes, 8 Manual Mills, 4 CNC Mills, 5 CNC lathes and a computerized 6' x 10' burn table, large capacity metal rolls, breaks, and shears any project can be handled. The Winnemucca location has 3 manual mills and 4 manual lathes. Each shop has automated bore welding and automated honing machines.


Open Loop Energy has a complete industrial chrome plating facility at the Safford location. Six sub surface chroming tanks are served by an overhead crane to submerge and extract rods for chrome plating. Cylinders rods that are badly scored or damaged are prepared by lathe grinding, chrome plated, then finish ground to specific chrome depth and and RMS finish.


As an example of partnering with a mining customer we designed a motor driven tool to safely rotate the tracks on many models of CAT high drive track dozers. With a single foot pedal control, for forward and reverse, a single operator can rotate tracks without the dozer engine running. This device greatly accelerates the installation of grouser bars on dozer tracks by as much as 80% vs. having to start the engine to position tracks for welding. The Inching Drive is widely accepted and in use at many locations in North America, South America, and Canada.


At the Safford location CAD (Computer Assisted Design) operations take place. CAD operators receive input for designing a product or component, and with the latest CAD software precision drawings are created. Through the use of 3D modeling a customer can also see a finished product before it is ever built. CAD operators generate drawings for the machine shop and fab shop to use in manufacturing parts and whole assemblies.


Fabrication processes are a vital part of the companie's business. Whether it is fabricating, rebuilding, or repairs the latest and best welding equipment and procedures provide high quality welding results. Welders are AWS or equivalent certified in MIG, TIG, SMAW, FCAW and other processes. Company requirements are strict for high pressure weldments in applications demanding the use of high pressure gas and fluids.